How to get free leads from social media

Posted on October 7, 2014 at 09:30 PM
By David Wilson

Social media is booming, there isn't any doubt about that. Every man, woman and cat seem to have profiles on Facebook, Twitter and suchlike.


Over 72% of adults visit Facebook at least once a month, with a staggering 1.28 billion active users.


22% of adults use Google+ at least once a month, with an average of 7 minutes per month per user. Google+ has 540 million active users.


46% of twitter users tweet at least once a day, however there is only 225 million active users per month globally.

What does all of this mean I hear you ask?!

Facebook carries the lead for active users by a long shot and with numbers like that it is the first place you should be looking to obtain qualified leads. Facebook's groups give you the potential of putting yourself in front of people that you may not know without having to build a following first.

You can have success with Twitter, Google plus and instagram, but results will naturally be slower, as they all require you to build up your network before taking the fruit (so to speak).

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups allow you to place your posts in front of an active audience simply by joining groups that are already active.

Here is a simple video explaining how to join Facebook groups.

What to post

This somewhat depends on what your objectives are, but if you are looking to generate leads or get people to purchase your products then you probably should be posting something that is:

  • a personal message - your face will be next to it
  • relevant to the group you are posting in
  • something that is appealing
  • something that they haven't seen a thousand times before
  • ideally something that gets people commenting on your post (commenting on a post moves it back to the top for all to see)

We once saw an advert asking for volunteers to participate in a weight loss trial, that was specifically looking for people who struggle to follow conventional diets. The post had over 320 comments along with many private messages to the person posting the advert. We later found out he was promoting Herbalife products.

The point of the story is that it is important to be original and appealing. I wonder how many sign ups that person got from one post in a group?!

How to post in groups

When you have a relatively low number of groups, and the time it takes to post them isn't that great, you should post them manually.

When the number of groups grow that you are a member of, you want to consider using our Facebook Auto-Posting software. You can post to many groups at the same time, and set up posts to groups automatically on a scheduled basis. This will give you back your time to concentrate on any leads coming through, and give you the flexibility to post around the clock.

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