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Email marketing setup guide

Thank you for choosing AdvertAnywhere’s email marketing service. In order to get the most out of our service we have put together a guide to get you up and running in a giffy. Below are the recommended steps for you to follow along with some helpful guides. Setup your sending serverImport your existing contactsSetup any segments that you may requireCreate some autorespondersSend a broadcast message Setup your sending server Before you...

Change the address on the bottom of your emails

Below is a video of how to change the default address associated with your list.

Adding credit to Mandrill

Searching for your contacts

Searching for your contacts is very easy using our software, the following video shows you exactly how to do it.

Setting up a subscriber segment

The following video shows you how to set up a subscriber segment, giving you ultimate control over who you are targeting your emails to.

Setting up an autoresponder

Setting up an autoresponder, to automatically go out to your newly added contacts is easy. Follow this video, as we show you how it is done step-by-step.

How URL tracking works

Url tracking gives you more information about what your subscribers click on whilst browsing your emails, the following video shows you how URL tracking works with our software

Creating a broadcast email

The following video shows you how to set up a broadcast email, sending to a segment of your subscribers.

How to import your old contacts

After you have set up your server to work with our email marketing service, you may want to import any old contacts that you may have with us. If you have received leads or responses from advertising in the past and would like these contacts importing, you can download these contacts by clicking the link below (you need to be logged in for the link to work)....

Maintaining a clean email list

As an email marketer you have the responsibility to keep your contacts emails as clean as possible (this is the point where we usually get funny looks). By keeping your contacts clean, we mean ensuring that all the email addresses that you send to are still active and working. If you send too many emails where they get bounced or your emails are marked as spam, you may well damage your reputation as a sender, and in the future email...

Setting up Mandrill to work with our Email Marketing software

Mandrill offer 2,000 free emails to get you started, and by creating an account and linking it to AdvertAnywhere email marketing software, you can get a completely free way of communicating with your contacts providing you don't send any more than 2,000 emails. This video shows you the steps on how to setup mandrill and create a delivery server.