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Auto posting images to Facebook

How to post images through our Facebook Auto-poster tool.

Facebook Poster information

Adding a Facebook account Before using this software, you must have at least one valid Facebook account configured. For each Facebook account you add, you must create a new Facebook application to use with that account. Below is a video of how to set up your Facebook application and integrate it with this software. The accounts must be added in Facebook Sharer admin interface, "My Resources Facebook Accounts" section. ...

How to join Facebook groups

Finding and joining Facebook groups is important to getting the most out of your Facebook posting account. We show you how to search for new groups, common pitfalls and information about relevancy.

Setting up your Facebook App

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to set up the Facebook auto posting software, so you can start sending your messages directly to your Facebook groups. To use this software you need to use your own Facebook Application. Setting up a new Facebook application is simple. Firstly ensure you are logged in to Facebook, then go to https://developers.facebook.com Click on the “Apps” button at the top of the screen, and then select “Add...

Finding Facebook Groups to post your network marketing adverts

Your goals when posting messages When posting network marketing content to Facebook groups, the posts goal is usually to find people who want to buy your products or join your network marketing team. Finding the right type of groups to post into is essential for you to achieve any level of conversion from your efforts, so I have broken down the next part in to team building and customer oriented group hunting. Customer Focused Groups ...